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Modern Bank’s suite of cash management solutions will help you streamline payables and receivables, strengthen digital security, and simplify day-to-day business processes.

Lockbox Processing

Helps accelerate collection of remittance payments (available through third party, fee may be applicable).

Mobile Deposit

Skip a trip to the bank, take a picture of your check and make a deposit from anywhere.

Remote Deposit Scanning

Deposit large volumes of checks directly from the office with a check scanner.

Positive Pay

A powerful fraud prevention solution, allowing you to monitor checks and ACH transactions presented for payment against your account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur.

Wire Transfers

Send international and domestic wire transfers conveniently through our online banking platform.

Quickbooks Integration

Seamlessly integrate QuickBooks software to export all the financial data you need to manage your business cash flow and budgeting.

Online banking sub-users

Give an accountant, office manager or trusted advisor access to your online banking portal; control their level of access to your bank accounts.

ACH Transactions

Eliminates administrative and postage costs, while reducing risk by moving funds over a secure network instead of sending your checks by mail.

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