Flexible Solutions for Growth

We Provide Senior Debt Financing to Middle Market Companies

Modern Bank provides flexible financing solutions nationwide that are tailored to meet a company’s needs.  Delivering certainty of close is only the beginning.  From there, we will stand with you as you manage and grow your business.

Term Loans

Whatever your business needs are – from acquiring new equipment to acquiring another company – we can structure a loan that meets your needs.

Delayed Draw Term Loans

The flexibility of a delayed draw term loan puts you in control with committed capital that can be accessed to finance your specifc needs when you need it.

Lines of Credit

A revolving line of credit gives you the flexibility to manage your cashflow and borrowing needs through seasons and cycles. Advance and repay on flexible terms that work for you.

Cash Management

Our customized treasury management solutions are carefully tailored to meet your business’s changing needs, so you can focus on running your business.

Investment Criteria

Targeted Industries

Industrials and Manufacturing



Business and Professional Services

Financial Services


Transaction Types

Leveraged Buyout

Management Buyout


Dividend Recapitalization


Growth Capital

Loan Features

Flexible Structures

Earn Out

Tailored Armotization

Custom Covenants




Family Office

Independent Sponsor

Our C&I team has extensive experience providing lending solutions to companies and sponsors.

First-Out Lender
October 2019
Senior Lender
September 2019
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August 2019
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July 2019
First-Out Lender
July 2019
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June 2019
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June 2019
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November 2016
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August 2018
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August 2018
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August 2018
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June 2018
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